Checkbook Check Writer released on

Checkbook is a self-contained API server. Back in the early 1980’s, I developed a Checkwriter device using a two-line alpha numeric LCD display, a small QWERTY keyboard and an embedded ink jet printer with sealed check cartridge to print the check and eject. There was no internet nor any smart phones or IOT devices. This project is a reconciliation of that project using current technology. Download at

[WordPress Plugin Directory] User Role Editor by PINGLEWARE has been approved!

A replacement for the plugin because user-role-editor no longer permits adding new roles, only edit existing roles, and includes a premium upgrade. This plugin permits creating a new role and setting the default role

@presspage/metatrader-bridge node module released

A Node module for connecting to Metatrader has been released on

@presspage/fitnessjs Node module release

A NodeJS module of useful fitness calculation parameters like body_fat, tdee, healthy_weight, find_body_frame, bmi, get_daily_targets available at @presspage/fitnessjs – npm (

@presspage/common-js release

A common JavaScript library for node-electron development release at @presspage/common-js – npm (

@presspage/tf-idf node module

The Transform-Frequency/Inverse Document Frequency for extracting the three top topic sentences within a content has be published on at @presspage/tf-idfnpm (

PHP Desktop

An node-electron browser for the PHP development server demonstrating WordPress using SQLite for the database instead of MySQL released on

Administrative Assistant

First release of available at to include Dictation Assistant. Using your smart phone speech to text and DDNS (the latest TPLINK routers offers free DDNS service), if you do not have a static IP address, you can easily maintain your inventory of voice notes transcribed and kept in your local data store.

Notification via Desktop, EMAIL, SMS and VOICE is available.

Robot Financial Advisor

released on Robot Financial Advisor download | will analyze a public company 10-K or 10-Q from the SEC.

Everyday Team Management

A better team management application emphasizing protection of a company intellectual property by not have a single person work on too much of a single project, and helps to divide up task into single, smaller tasks. Additionally, all project and team data is kept in a local database and not subject to compromise at a cloud provider.

The former way of managing a team: Find a team or individual, prepare a problem statement, handover the project to the team and WAIT…

The Everyday Way: As the technical project manager, you take a more proactive approach in team management by finding individual team members, create a project, create doable task that can be completed within 24 hours or less, assign the appropriate task according the team members proficiency, get back the results within 24 hour later.

Download from

SQLite Database Server

A Node-Express database server for multiple SQLite data stores/files. That’s right, with a single server configuration, you can access multiple SQLite data files from one REST API. Source provided!

Download from

Records Management System

Your personal and business records are considered private documents. You should avoid using cloud providers, even google drive! Records Management System is a localized data store using SQLITE and integrates with any connected scanner using the TWAIN toolkit.

Scan directly into your local data store. Don’t risk your privacy by using cloud providers, keep your records local with the records management system. Available for windows, mac and linux.

Download from

World Newspapers

Originally built for a NY news-themed restaurant to serve as a dynamic food menu and ordering with newspapers readability, is released as open source. This application indexes over 200 newspapers websites worldwide.

Download for Windows, Linux and MacOS at


Suggested Stock Picker

Search for publicly traded companies on the exchanges that meet your investment criteria of maximum price and minimum dividends.

Download for Windows at

Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) Manager

A company’s standard operating procedures or SOP’s are intellectual property and should be treated as such. By using a cloud-based SOP provider, you are exposing your trade secrets to the internals of the cloud provider and comprising your business.

The SOP Manager brings your SOP document management operations back in-house on your own private network.


Manual for SOP Manager: Official User Manual with Developer’s Notes available on

Download for Windows, Linux and MacOS at

Prevailing Wage Determination

Use Standard Occupation Codes and Department of Labor data, will determine the prevailing wage for a specific job title by geographical location.

Download for Windows, Linux and MacOS at

Node-Electron Application Builder

Given a few project metadata settings, a complete node-electron project source code is created.


  • Code Generator for a Node-Electron project

Download for Windows, Linux and MacOS at

Node Express Server with UI

There are many tutorials for creating a node-express server, this project gives a useful template for creating a node-express server and embedding full HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT UI within the server that can be package into a single executable using the PKG module.

Download for Windows, Linux and MacOS at


A traffic map and vehicle law lookup for the US states.


  • Direct links to each state official vehicle law page

Download for  Windows, Linux and MacOS at

Microsoft Access Database Server

Turn your Access Database into a Database Server with a REST API invocation.


Download for Windows at

Credit Report Agency Dispute Assistant

Credit Report Agency Dispute is a letter creation application for disputing credit report errors based on e-oscar code description and evidence.

Download for Windows, Linux and MacOS at

SBA Public Datasets

An open-source application that load the SBA Public Dataset available from is available for Window, Linux and MAC at

The source code files demonstrates the mechanics for building a cross platform application using Node-Electron. The same HTML-JavaScript-CSS file can be used to build a Cordova Android and iOS mobile application.



Cable Cutters for free live video streaming of popular news and shopping networks. Includes both single station and grid station viewing for four simultaneous station viewing. Includes your local weather status based on your IP geolocation and provides real news feed from

Download Windows, Mac, Linux from

PressPage Global News

The PressPage Global News is a progressive web app for the primary website of This app and website provides a index list of over 200 newspapers/news websites worldwide organized by country, as well as own news aggregation content generated on a nightly basis through autonomous means. Many of the third party news site may require a subscription to read their content. PressPage Entertainment has no control over those news sites and currently does not receive any commission or monetary relief for referring you to their website. We do not even track your navigation to the external sites. PressPage Entertainment asks for a small donation, through the app store purchase when you first download this app to your support for continued development of quality, privacy-centric applications.

Windows 10, download from

Robot Journalist

Robot Journalist is the first autonomous news story creation application using AI technologies applied to English grammar and writing to create original content. See a demo at Manual available from Amazon at To use additional languages, you must install the language from the Settings->Language dialog.

Windows 10, download from

Robot Journalist Command Line Tools

A command line tool that will read predetermined RSS feeds (see sample-feeds.json) for current, daily stories and identify the topic sentences using TF-IDF. This tool runs from the command line and can be configured for unattended operation using the Windows Scheduler.

Windows 10, download from

Rent Qualify

Have you ever wanted or needed to know how much rent you can afford based on your combined income? Now you will know and avoid future residency application denials based on income. Then once you know your rent affordability index, you can then search on apartment listings.

Windows 10, download from

An open-source version available for Windows, Linux and MAC at includes Landlord & Tenants Laws for every country (in-progress)


NoTix-CA (No Tickets) is a real time speedtrap locator and monitoring app will help you to avoid getting “speeding tickets” in California. Everyone hates being pulled over for speeding, now you can stay a step ahead of law enforcement and know where they are hiding before you approach them.



How Much Money Can No-Tix Save You?

The average speeding ticket will cost you $150. Speeding tickets can easily be avoided` by installing and using No-Tix. If you used No-Tix just one time to avoid a $150 ticket then that means No-Tix saved you $150 from only one time use! Imagine if you used No-Tix 10 times to avoid 10 tickets which would save you $1,500! As you can see No-Tix is a extremely valuable money saver for you when you are driving past the speed limit to get to work, a business meeting, or just because you want to get to your destination faster.

Windows 10, download from


Incorporate ME!

An index of state incorporation costs, tax rates, and other fees with a direct link to the corresponding secretary of state page for further information in forming a business within the selected state.

Windows 10, download from


Provides easy indexing for Government Contracting opportunities for each country in the world as well as the USA for federal, state and local municipalities. All links direct you to the actual government bid website for free searching and downloading of the bid documents. No redirection to paid websites. Also included international bid sites for UN, NATO, Canada, Mexico and the rest of the World

How to Succeed in Government Contracting: Learn how to find, qualify, bid, and win your first government contract available on

Windows 10, download from

Download for Linux and MacOS at

Job Seeker

Find you next job on with ease through this very intuitive app. Allows free text searching, listing most recent jobs posted, lists jobs by category, city or company. Jobs available worldwide, all in one place.

Download from

Stock Split Calendar

How to Benefit from a Stock Split:

The term stock split may sound like trouble, but in reality, it’s a common event that shouldn’t intimidate savvy investors. In fact, being part of a stock split can have some advantages.

A stock split is a procedure that increases or decreases a corporation’s total number of shares outstanding without altering the firm’s market value or the proportionate ownership interest of existing shareholders. This action, which requires advance approval from the company’s board of directors, usually involves the issuance of additional shares to existing stockholders.

The common adage for stocks is to buy low and sell high, stocks let you buy low, accumulate more shares and eventually sell high. You heard the phrase, let your money work for you. Investing in companies that offer stock splits, your money is working for you.

I love stock splits and when I first started investing in the market, I started with a REIT that split every year for 2-1, after several years of that initial $100 investment, I made a 2000% gain. When IBM was selling over $100 in the 90’s and they offered their first split, dropped the price to $50, I bought and the price rose back up to over $100 per share. Don’t let others discourage you from stock splits.

This app helps you identify when the pending splits will occur. Also has a historical feature where you look at previous years splits.

Download from

For Windows 10, download from


Cable Cutter legal streaming services

Download from

Download from at

Mortgage Affordability Calculator

The 2009 Recession took a toll on the housing market with many homeowners over extended. The Mortgage Affordability Calculator helps you prevent your next personal recession by showing you, your affordability of housing from just your income and the current mortgage interest. Then when you are ready, this app will help you find a home within your affordability range. Once you know what you can afford based on your income, you have a choice of searching either or for homes up to your maximum affordability price. When you initiate a search, and trulia.comm will prompt you to download their mobile, just decline the download to get your custom search results. The calculations are based on a 15 year mortgage term with 3% down payment. A home is the most expensive purchase most people will make in their lifetime, while low monthly payments are attractive on a 30 year term, you gain the freedom and satisfaction of living rent free after 15 years. Plus the payment difference between a 15 year and 30 year is not much difference, but the equity build up is tremendous on a 15 year term. Also when you own your own home, if you are a transient worker that always moves around every two years, a home is a great investment for retirement and you can normally legally sublet your own home (*subject to verification for your jurisdiction) through craigslist,, or even short term vacation travelers through airbnb, homeaway, 9flats, flipkey.

Download from

Download from AMAZON.COM at

For Windows 10, download from

Download for Linux and MacOS at

Version 1.6.0 adds search, lender search, and FICO score. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac at


4X Optimizer Trade Assistant is a risk management calculator for Foreign Currency (Forex) trading. That is based on a few parameters: Deposit, Equity, Leverage, Min and Max lot sizes, the 4X Optimizer will determine the optimal size trade (lot size) that permits you, the trader to stay in the trade longer and possibly close out in a profit. Keep in mind, past performance does not guarantee future results? Many strategy developers concentrate on their strategy and not the risk. 4X Optimizer determines the risk. More information about the 4X Optimizer can be learned from While provides a Metatrader interface to the 4X Optimizer web service that requires registration, this App does not require any registration. So once you download this app, you are ready to use.

Download from

Download from AMAZON.COM at

Download the manual at

Interview Q&A

The COVID-19 virus has taken a toll on the economy, resulting in over 30 million job losses. When jobs are restored, there will be much competition and you, as a job seeker, will need to prepare yourself to compete effectively. The Interview Q&A covers 18 topic areas with current interview questions and answers. There is a General Interview Q&A which includes how to answer the popular question, “Tell me about yourself?”

Topic Areas:

Download from

Computer Gig Finder

Easily search for Computers Gigs based on a keyword search for the all the major craigslist cities. and display in a easy reference. SEARCH TIP: separate the keywords using the pipe character to act as a logical OR. that is if you want to search for Gigs with either of the following, wordpress, android, api, then use wordpress|android|api

Download from

Quick Minute Meals Recipes

The mobile app showing the recipes for all ten seasons of the Quick Minute Meals web series. This app has an additional section for Tips (and suggestions) that is not included in the web version at

Download from

Lottery Quick Pick-n-Play

I like the quick pick option when playing the major lottery games, but recently discovered, the quick pick numbers chosen at the retailer are numbers with no history of success. Therefore, I wrote this app to choose from previously winning numbers in each position and generate more predictive numbers. This app nor I claim nor guarantee success in choosing the winning numbers as lottery is still a game of chance with many factors that are beyond our control. Have fun, enjoy and best of luck. YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE TO BUY A LOTTERY TICKET IN MOST JURISDICTIONS

Download from

Download from AMAZON.COM at

Relocation Calculator

AKA Salary Moving Calculator

Determine your expected salary before you move to a new city?

There are many cost of living calculators available, and several are free but they are outdated. For example, NYC use to be the most expensive city to live and if you located to San Francisco your cost of living is less. Well this is no longer true. The cost of living is higher in SF than NYC but these other cost of living calculators are still stuck in the past.

This Cost of Living Calculator uses the data collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics which is more up to date and truly reflects the cost of living between two cities. Additionally, once your expected salary is calculated, you can perform job searches on your job title, new location and expected salary.

Additionally the relocation assistant will help find a new position at your targeted salary in your selected destination, help you find housing in your selected destination, and help you find travel deals between your origin and destination

Download from

Trivia for Road trips

TRIVIA-4-ROADTRIPS is a question-answer game for various trivia topics for entertainment during ride share and road trips. A running score is maintained and displayed. If the choice is incorrect, the gamer can ask for a hint or make another attempt at the cost of a point. Additionally, upon completion of the game, the gamer can request the issuance of an official backseat driver’s license.
The backseat driver’s license does not permit the holder to operate a vehicle and is for entertainment purposes only for unlicensed riders to be credentialed as a backseat driver. A physical license with a unique ID number will be provided
to the requestor.

Download from

From Google Play

News Find

Find news stories by keyword search. Not your traditional Google, Yahoo or Bing search.

Download from

Metatrader Bridge

A REST API communication between Metatrader forex trading platform and an external application, such as the Forex General integrated trading environment. In 2010, Forex General was released an the first trading platform with a metatrader bridge. The original bridge was a DLL loaded via a Metatrader expert advisor, but several antivirus programs reported the DLL as a virus and blocked execution because a shared DATA segment was being used. Using NodeJS, the Metatrader bridge has been moved into a standalone REST API server without the use of a shared DATA segment.

Download from

FCC Links

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC aka uses acronyms for their various licenses. This open source application identifies each license with a direct link to the license page on FCC.GOV

Download from

TF-IDF Server

Finding topic sentences using TF-IDF. Download and start self container server, then issue a POST request with a single parameter called documents that is the paragraph content to find the three top topic sentences. The results are returned in JSON array. The settings.json file is required for the standalone server to function correctly.

Download from

RedeeCash Credit Scoring

Determine your credit score based on the following factors

– Credit Type (credit cards, loans, resolving credit, installment credit, service credit)
– Account limit
– Account Balance
– Age of account
– Any late payment

An account score as well as an average overall credit score is generated.

Download from

Apartment Management System

This software handles multiple properties as well as maintenance requests and assigns those requests to employees. It is not a tenant facing application but a backend application to be used by landlord and management staff. There is an API available that permit the extending of the application and external interfacing (the API documentation is separately documented within the application itself. An overview is presented as an Appendix in this document).

The Apartment management software is designed to provide the business applications needed to manage tenant(s), properties, employee(s), and housekeeping, maintenance, and Landlord & Tenant laws by State guest relationships, leads and inquiries, and more. This user guide contains essential information for a user to learn how to configure and operate AMS for day to day use. It is designed for real estate companies, brokers, landlords that like to manage their properties with ease, but you will need this user guide to customize the system.

Download from

Download the manual from